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Select Multi-Value and combine into one field

Question asked by gmattis_visalia on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by curtvprice

I'm running into an issue with my model that I am hoping someone can help me out with! Essentially I am using this model to update Flood Zones when LOMC's are filed with FEMA. My issue here is that there will be times where there will be multiple flood sources or the parcel crosses multiple FIRM Panels. I am looking for a way for those field to be pick lists and allow for a multi-value input and have it combine into a single string. Below is an example of what I mean


Parcel A has a flood source of River X, Y Ditch, and Sheet Flooding. I want to have a pick list showing: 

  • River X
  • Y Ditch
  • Shallow Flooding
  •  etc

The user selects the necessary Flood Sources and then when the model runs it puts it into the field as:

River X; Y Ditch; Shallow Flooding


Does anyone have any suggestions? I have attached a screenshot of the model if it helps.