Workaround: installed package crashing Pro 1.4.1

Discussion created by CDow-esristaff Employee on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by CDow-esristaff

There have been a few reports of Pro 1.4.1 crashing after packages which depend on the Jupyter/pyQT packages are installed via conda. This is due to a problematic DLL that shipped with conda which doesn't meet PEP 384. It is easy to fix, simply by deleting or renaming the culprit DLL in your active Pro environment's folder.


In your %ProInstalDir%/bin/Python/envs/arcgispro-py3 folder (or equivalent if you have created additional environments), delete or rename Python3.dll - many people are hesitant to alter DLL files, but in the same folder you will see Python35.dll - this is the one which should be loading and will fix the issue. Once this file has been removed, reopen Pro and it should work as expected. 


This issue has been identified and fixed for Pro 2.0 and will not be a problem going forward. If you continue to experience issues please post to this discussion for additional support.