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Copy a storymap within one Account

Question asked by g.doerffelmysynergis-esridist Employee on May 31, 2017


a Story Map is great as a presentation. To customize and still re-use for other presentations, I'd like to be able to just copy a Story Map and then modify for another event/presentation/reason. I read about the "download and modify" work-around. Yet I'd like to have both versions on ArcGIS Online. Is there a "trick" to probably download/upload or really COPY a StoryMap?  Thanks for any hints


A few days later and MUCH wiser :-)


O.k. - I found 2 ways to do it. One is VERY simple:

1) Use ArcGIS Online Assistant  and the Copy feature there. JUST GREAT !!!


The other one is what I found out myself with some pain - before I learned about the easy way above:
2) Use Python API for ArcGIS and basically copy the data of one object into the content of a previously generated empty object of the same type. But THIS IS a workaround - so forget it :-)


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