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No Index No Follow for ArcGIS Online hosted content

Question asked by ghuller_Chesco on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by ghuller_Chesco

Currently, when you do a Google search for Chester County Farm Products Finder, the top result is the ArcGIS Online item details page for our Story Map.  


Normally, I would add <META name="robot" content="NOINDEX|NOFOLLOW"> to the header of a web page to prevent Google from indexing or following a page, as I did with the customized version below while developing/before going live with it. Does ESRI offer a no index and no follow equivalent for content hosted on ArcGIS Online where I want the content to be public yet not indexed or followed?


I don't know that I'd ever want the item details page or map layers to show up in search results. I really only want the the app or map itself to show up on search engines. 


And, in the case of this specific Story Map, the uncustomized version is horrible on the eyes compared to the customized version, which is what I hope will eventually take the #1 search result spot in time.





Uncustomized version


Customized version


Thanks for any assistance you can offer.