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Join between 2 feature layers in AGOL

Question asked by mabedard on May 25, 2017

Is there a way to create a map in AGOL that shows a permanent join between 2 feature layers?


I have a feature layer that contains sewer pipes. I created a survey with Survey 123 for pipes inspections.

In collector, workers click on a pipe and open a survey via a custom URL. Pipe ID in survey is populated via the custom URL.Once the survey is completed, they move on to the next pipe.


I would like the map, used in collector, to show pipes that have been surveyed.

I can use the join feature in AGOL in analysis but this join isn't permanent.


I have done the exact same thing for manholes inspection and used a geopoint in survey123.

The map used in collector have the feature layer of surveys added to it so workers can keep track of other inspections.


But since I'm doing a survey out of a pipe (polyline), I don't want to use a geopoint. Geotrace doesn't seem to be available at this time.


Thanks for your help !