Map not displaying in hidden DIVs

Discussion created by johnbrianyoung on Jan 6, 2011
I am using the Telerik rad tab tool in conjunction with their page view tool to build maps on various "tabs." The way their tool is implemented is by placing tabbed pages' contents inside DIVs, and then toggling the divs visible as the user clicks on the various tabs.

I have a 6 tab layout, with maps programmatically created on tabs 1 and 2.

If the web page opens on tab 1 or tab 2, that tab's maps will display, but the other map will not. If the web page opens on tab 3 through 6, no maps display. In other words, even when the user clicks on tab 1 or tab 2, where a map has been created, it does not display.

The map is there, however, and when I pan it even slightly by grabbing it with the mouse, it will refresh and display.