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Why am I getting an "Update Failed" error?

Question asked by rgardnercook on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by rgardnercook

I am trying to make my own Feature Layer template for collecting polylines via Collector. The template would save me a lot of time in the field, as I wouldn't have to configure as much of the pop-up or other settings. For some reason, when I create a Feature Layer from a preexisting Layer that doesn't have all the options set*, make the necessary changes**, and test it: it works. However, when I then try and create subsequent Layers from that newly created and updated one: I get an error that reads "Update Failed: Updates could not be sent. The operation couldn't be completed. Invalid column name 'Shape_3'", and so on. Whenever I try and make a new layer from the old one, and go to the trouble to change all the settings, it works. Whenever I then try and make a new layer from that newly made and updated one, it doesn't.


*The preexisting layer was, itself, created from earlier layers. These are just polylines. The only field I've added is a "Loci" long integer field. There is no editor tracking. The pop-up is just configured to show the FID.

**The new layer I try and create is the same, except I've added the editor tracking, and configured the pop-up title and attributes differently.


I am using an organizational administrative account through AGOL.