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Edit Features option not available for feature service

Question asked by nicriverzi on May 17, 2017
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Hi all, I am fairly new to feature services so am wondering if someone who has lots of experiences with feature services can help.


I published a map service with feature access enabled. With all the add/delete/etc enabled except for sync which option whenever we try to enable, created an error message. Ideally, I want to be able to add the map service to ArcGIS desktop and be able to edit it through Edit Features>>Create Local Copy for Editing from the context menu. However, when I bring in the map service (with feature access enabled) to the ArcGIS desktop, there is no option for Edit Features. I tested by adding a lot of different services from (through Add data from to my map and was able to see this option showing up in the context menu for a lot of the feature service from


I guess my question is two folds. 1. I noticed that the Edit Features option shows up for all the feature services but not map service (for my case anyways). Does it mean map service can not be edited in ArcGIS desktop (even we have feature access enabled??). But I have see a tutorial from a guy who successfully edit a map service using Edit Features so I am confused. 2. Is this has something to do with version of the database??


Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks