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WMS Service not showing in map

Question asked by sarahclark on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by sarahclark

I am trying to load my first WMS Service into an ArcGIS API for JavaScript web app. To start I am testing the 'Florida Mosaic' demo service from LizardTech, browsable here: 


This is my code to add the service:


wmsTest : new WMSLayer("", {                    
    resourceInfo: {                     
        extent: new Extent(-82.908008,26.740052,-81.248255,29.572644, new SpatialReference({ wkid:4326 })), // must be in PCS of service
        getMapURL: "",
        layerInfos: [
            new WMSLayerInfo({
                name: "Florida_Mosaic"
        spatialReferences : [4326, 26917],                       
    spatialReferences : [4326, 3857],
    version : "1.1.1",
    visibleLayers : ["Florida_Mosaic"]


I can see the HTTP Request sent to the demo site, and that their is an image download:


But when I zoom in to Florida, no imagery is displayed.


Some other posts have discussed the need for the service to be in Web Mercator, but the API documentation doesn't say that's required. Is that my issue? Other thoughts?


Thanks for any help/ideas!