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Question asked by umeshmanilal on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by TSolow-esristaff

Hello everyone, I was trying to create a angular 4 application as part of POC, I was able to show esri map, but was not able to display the polygon in the map. Its not throwing any error. Below is the code which I had used. Could you let me know what's wrong in this?


export class EsriMapComponent implements OnInit {
  map: __esri.Map;
  mapView: __esri.MapView;
  polyLine: __esri.Polyline;

  @ViewChild('mapViewNode') private mapViewEl: ElementRef;

  constructor(private esriLoader: EsriLoaderService) {

  public ngOnInit() {
    // only load the ArcGIS API for JavaScript when this component is loaded
    return this.esriLoader.load({
      // use a specific version of the JSAPI
      url: ''
    }).then(() => {
      // load the needed Map and MapView modules from the JSAPI
      ]) => {

        let mapProperties: __esri.MapProperties = {
          basemap: 'hybrid'

        let map: __esri.Map = new Map(mapProperties);

        let mapViewProperties: __esri.MapViewProperties = {
          // create the map view at the DOM element in this component
          container: this.mapViewEl.nativeElement,
          // supply additional options
          //center: pointProperties,
          center:[-98, 49.5],
          zoom: 13,
          map: map // property shorthand for object literal


        this.mapView = new MapView(mapViewProperties);

        this.polyLine=new Polyline({
          paths: [
            [-111.30, 52.68],
            [-98, 49.5],
            [-93.94, 29.89]