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GDAL in ArcGIS 10.4

Question asked by niklas2424 on May 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 14, 2017 by niklas2424

I am using Desktop version 10.4 and need to create a script (I want to use modelbuilder, if possible) using both GDAL and ArcPy.  I see some indication online that it is possible to use GDAL in ArcGIS, but I cannot locate where to download the proper files from.  I have a standalone version of GDAL (version 2.1.3) already on my computer, but don't know if this is enough for it to work in ArcGIS (I'd assume not) or if I need some kind of add-in or something.  Perhaps 10.4 already has GDAL integrated in it??  That would be ideal, but I would guess it doesn't.


I'm looking for something that is already built, I'm not saavy enough to build it myself.