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Exporting object attributes from CityEngine to Scene Layer Package problem

Question asked by ronjyu on May 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by CLau-esristaff


   I want to export building models from CityEngine to Scene Layer Package format, so I can upload them onto Esri cloud service. After uploading the SPK file onto Esri cloud service, I use Scene Viewer to open the file. 

   For each building model in CityEngine, I added object attributes and I want to have these object attributes available in scene viewer's popup window. I used Report feature in CityEngine to export these object attributes. 

   Then I got this problem, when I open the SPK file in Scene Viewer. I can see the object attribute fields in the popup window, but the values are not correct. 


I have tried different scenarios: 

Multiple building models in one SPK,

   I have one shape layer in CityEngine which has 10 building models. I want to export this shape layer to a single SPK file. All these building models have the same attribute fields and each building model has its own values. I exported these buildings into one SPK file (SPK1).  Then I uploaded and opened SPK1 in Scene Viewer, this SPK1 has all the building information correctly linked to each building. Then I modified one of the object attribute values of a building and exported these buildings into a new SPK file (SPK2). After uploaded and opened SPK2 in Scene Viewer, all building information were changed, some buildings have no value; some building have incorrect values shown up in popup window; some building information are duplicated on different buildings. 

   I also tried to upload 2 or 3 buildings models together, but when I opened it in Scene Viewer, object attributes were still wrong. 

   One time I exported three SPK files for a same set of building models, I uploaded and opened them in Scene Viewer. All Building information are mismatched. Even I clicked on the same building, the attribute values shown in popup window are different between each SPK file. 


One building model in one SPK,

   In my CityEngine's scene, I have 110 building models. I picked few building models and exported them into separate SPK files. Then I uploaded these SPK files onto Esri cloud service. I checked each SPK file separately in Scene Viewer, their object attributes are correctly shown in the popup window.  If I use this method to export, then I will have 110 SPK files, which makes no sense.


   So my problem is I want to export multiple building models with object attributes from CityEngine to SPK format, so I can view building information in popup windows in Scene Viewer. 


Can somebody please help me to solve this problem?


Thank you very much.