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.setLayerDefinitions not working in 10.4

Question asked by pauldhandapani on May 12, 2017


As part of upgrade project, I am upgrading one of the web application from ArcGIS 9.3 to ArcGIS 10.4 version and found that the .setLayerDefinitions method is not working which will display one of line network data.  The mxd was created with the definition query to not to display any line data during the map load, however - when user selects any of the line network data it has to re-apply the definition query and set the layer definitions in order to display that particular line network data to the available extent.


I tried to use the ImageParameters example which was given in the References link, but there it is not working.  There were no errors though


Did any body of you experienced the same kind of issues while migrating ArcGIS JavaScrip API applications?


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