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I need help correctly loading some GDA94, Zone54 data points from Microsoft Excel into an existing but empty feature class, that has been set up nicely with all the columns and domains ready to go for a Collector map.

Question asked by laurenraedibben on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by laurenraedibben

I don't mind whether I use the Simple Data Loader wizard from ArcCatalog or the Object Loader, and although I do have domains set up, I am not importing any data into those columns (attribute fields), so it's no problem to use the Simple Data Loader. 

I have managed to get the data to upload once, and have matched all my Target Fields perfectly with the Source Fields, however the problem I am having is with the spatial location of the points I am trying to load into my feature class.  I know that all the data is in GDA94, Zone 54 and so is my co-ordinate system for the feature class and also my data frame. 

But when I import the points, they aren't turning up in the right location.  I want to know how I need to set up my Excel spreadsheet columns with my Easting and Northing data, and what the correct column headings need to be, to get the points to import with the right spatial location. 

I have found an Esri article with a tutorial -  Importing Data from Excel Spreadsheets - which mentions changing the column heading for Easting to UTM83Z11_E and Northing to UTM83Z11_N.  Obviously this is for the datum that they were using, and not for GDA94, but I can't find anything to tell me what the correct Column heading for GDA94 would be.  Could be GDA94Z54_E etc, but when I tried that I started getting "the connection for viewing your linked microsoft excel worksheet was lost" error messages. I'm not sure if that's related or a co-incidence.

Any help would be sooooooo greatly appreciated.