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Can I publishing my own boundaries data?

Question asked by walvesimg-com-br-esridist Employee on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by walvesimg-com-br-esridist

Hi everybody,


As following the instructions in this, I could publish the USA_boundaries and WOR_Boundaries with success.
I would like to publish a specific data with sub sectors of a police agence in Brazil, and using it with Insihts aggregation funcionality.


So when a try to publish my .sd data I've got the following error:


C:\ArcGIS\Portal\tools\publishboundarylayers>publishboundarylayers --folder "D:\DIR\BaseMap_DF" --files BRA_Boundaries --url https://noteimg369.img.local/portal --username xxxx --password xxxxx


Uploading in Portal...
Publishing the service BRA_Boundaries...
Unable to publish item.
This Item 'ed7c04921f0b41ceb11e16133d0a91e3' can't be published to Online Servic
Error: An error has occurred trying to publish this item.
0 services were successfully published.


The question is:


Can I publish my own .sd data as a boundarie layer?
Is there any settings that a should do for a sucessful .sd publishing?