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Lots of map queries when using the SnappingManager with a FeatureLayer with MODE_ONDEMAND

Question asked by greenkarmic on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by greenkarmic

I enabled snapping on the Map and I'm using a couple of FeatureLayers with MODE_ONDEMAND with it so that it can fetch all the required geometry from the MapServer required for snapping to lines in the map.


It works fine, but I noticed that for each pan or zoom operation in the map, the API triggers a total of 3 to 6 identical queries to the map server to get the FeatureLayer geometry. A zoom operation always triggers 12 queries (6 per FeatureLayer). They are all identical queries except a small difference in the xmin and xmax of the geometry used for the spatial intersection in the query.


I'm assuming the map generates a bunch of extent-change events when zooming and that the SnappingManager accepts them all and makes a query to get the FeatureLayer geometries for each of them. (We have over 215 clients/map services so this is pretty wasteful. Especially since we plan to throttle the map services using a resource-proxy in the near future. All these queries will make it harder to configure the proxy properly.)


Is there a way to maybe throttle the extent-change events the map generates?


Thanks for the help, I attached a screenshot of all the queries it generates for a single zoom in the map.


EDIT: I'm not using MODE_SNAPSHOT with the FeatureLayer because it would then be limited to 1000 features as set by the map service config and 1000 is not enough is some situations.