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Adding functionality to existing ArcGIS ArcMap toolbar through add-ins?

Question asked by zieglerhm_CDMSmith on May 5, 2017

Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to interface with existing add-in tools using python add-ins (or Java if necessary, but Python is preferred). In specific, I would like to add an add-in button to the 3D Analyst toolbar that copies the profile graph values into the Windows clip-board so they can then be copied to another program or excel as input. The workflow I imagine would go as follows: 1) use the interpolate line tool to draw a line over an elevation surface, 2) use the profile graph button to draw the profile graph and 3) use a new add-in button, copy profile, to copy the profile values to clipboard so that the profile values can then be used in another program.



Is this possible? Any advice / guidance would be appreciated!



Thank you,