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Failed to connect to specified server. Failure to access the DBMS server

Question asked by Dominic3445 on Apr 27, 2017
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Here is my situation. I am running ArcMap 10.2 for desktop on a PC with Microsoft Vista Service Pack 2 64 bit. I know I should just upgrade the operating system but my outdated computer can't handle Windows 10. I am trying to go through the tutorial data that was provided with the student software disk. I downloaded and installed SQL Server Express 2012 for 64 bit because it appears that is the newest version that will run on this operating system. As I am going through the Database Servers lesson, I am having an issue every step of the way. That is not surprising as I have limited experience with SQL. I am working through Exercise 5 in the lesson, when I attempt to add a database connection in Catalog ( I need to add here that I am trying to access this as editor1, one of two additional Windows authentication ID's on the same machine as the server, that the instructions had me create in the event of not having another computer to access from. ) to the <Computer name>\Osokopf database, I am getting the error message "Failed to connect to specified server. Do you want to Continue? Failure to access the DBMS server.". I found the help documentation stating that this error occurs when a database server is not installed on the standard port 1433. It says to specify the port. My server TCP ports were all listed blank with 0 at dynamic port, which I believe means they were using dynamic ports. First I turned on the SQL server browser so it could locate the dynamic ports, then I tried to specify the ports to 1433, and created rules for windows firewall to let through connections to 1433 and 1434. I still got the same message. Then I tried to configure the server using a tutorial from Microsoft but it appeared most of the work had been done when I granted permissions etc. earlier in the lesson. Again, I have very limited knowledge of SQL, any help would be greatly appreciated.