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Can't find ArcSDE in enterprise 10.5 Installation Media

05-12-2017 04:46 AM
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Please there any workaround if ArcSDE 10.5 setup is missing in the ArcGIS Enterprise Installation media? is there any alternative or way-out?

Thanks in anticipation 

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Beginning at 10.3, there is no ArcSDE setup.  The three tiered ArcSDE Application connects are now favored for the two tiered direct connection to the database.  Here are some helpful links:

Where is the install for ArcSDE 10.3? | Support Services Blog 

FAQ: Can ArcSDE command line tools be used against 10.3 and newer geodatabases? 

Database connections in ArcGIS for Desktop—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 


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by Anonymous User
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Hi Okeke

Install ArcGIS Desktop and look for the tool "Create Enterprise Geodatabase".

Best regards

Jesús de Diego

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