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Can I change an existing field to coded domain

05-10-2017 10:57 AM
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Hi guys, I hope I am asking this in the right place.

I made a geodatabase with a field that is just a simple input text field that I have already filled with data. I would like to change this field to a coded domain / drop down menu selection field. 

Is this possibly to do considering I already created a field which is populated with data?



Edit: Thank you George, my bad!

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Added a broader audience:

The GeoNet Help section is for questions related to GeoNet, not the Esri software

--- George T.
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Yes, you can add Domain to an existing field with Data in it.

Adding of the Domain will not affect\modify the existing data. After adding the domain, when you start editing again on that field, then you only get the options that were listed in that Domain.