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Basic Python Question

Question asked by ttaylor_ECGISAB9 on Apr 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by ttaylor_ECGISAB9

How do you get the script you are writing to look at data in an AGOL feature layer?


I am brand new to Python and am trying to write a script that will send out an email notification to specific departments and individuals based on the type of report/complaint. I know that I need it to:


  1. query the database for new reports
  2. Sort the new reports based on report type 
  3. Send a notification to specific individuals based on that report type. (Example:if it is a pothole complaint send it to our street department guys)

I have seen several different threads about this same thing with snippets of code here and there, but I haven't found anything about how you direct python to an AGOL feature layer to get the data to start with.


I know that this is a pretty in-depth scripting project for an absolute beginner, but I don't really want anyone to write it for me I would very much like to learn how to write this myself if possible. 


I found this GITS :: Code :: mailer  that I would like to use for the email portion, I just need to write the query section.


Any help or direction to resources would be greatly appreciated. I don't think I know the correct keywords to search for to find what I need.... Thanks in advance!