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Convert raster in model builder: unable to open feature

Question asked by jpolo on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by curtvprice

Tried to use model builder to convert several rasters to polygons. Here is the script exported to Python:


# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Created on: 2017-04-24 11:38:52.00000
#   (generated by ArcGIS/ModelBuilder)
# Description:
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


# Import arcpy module
import arcpy


# Load required toolboxes
arcpy.ImportToolbox("Model Functions")


# Local variables:
copiesx = "C:\\Documents\\GIS\\temp\\copiesx"
tx_107_tif = "C:\\Documents\\GIS\\temp\\copiesx\\tx_107.tif"
v_name__shp = "C:\\Documents\\GIS\\temp\\shapx\\%name%.shp"


# Process: Iterate Rasters
arcpy.IterateRasters_mb(copiesx, "", "", "NOT_RECURSIVE")


# Process: Raster to Polygon
arcpy.RasterToPolygon_conversion(tx_107_tif, v_name__shp, "NO_SIMPLIFY", "Value")

I've restarted ArcMap (10.2. ) several times because the model keeps failing with the following message:

ERROR 010157: Unable to open feature class ... Failed to execute (Raster to Polygon).


I checked the error code. '... This may be due to incorrect paths or lack of permissions to access folders.' Don't think it's that, I know where the files are and made them myself, I have the permissions. It also says that the files could be corrupt, but I can load the files without problem. I executed one Raster to Polygon outside the model and it worked. Any guesses how to get the model to work?