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pulldata function not working with external_choices

Question asked by erick.wiggs on Apr 24, 2017
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I am trying to use the pulldata function to autopopulate my survey based on an external_choices return. 

I have set up the external select as a cascade based on a field in the choices tab:


As you can see here, once the Zone is chosen, it will give back those addresses within the zone.

The external_choices table is set up with the name = a UID for the label = address. For example:

What I am attempting to do further into the survey is auto-populate coordinates via the pulldata function based on the name UID. 

where the file name is MLGW_AreaA and the file looks like this:

all of this should work. but it is not.
I have attempted to change the field it's pulling the data from to both the Premise and the Address fields, but nada.


I should state that I am using vers. 2.0.29

Any suggestions??