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Info Summary AND Filter Widget - bug? fix avail?

Question asked by mike.robb on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by dlaw-esristaff

Hi everyone,


I have a client that likes the Info Summary Widget, but also likes and requires several filters, leveraging the filter widget.  Taking advantage of the filter widget works well. With any combination of or single filter is enabled, when the Info Summary is used, the clusters adhere to the filter settings.  Works great... until the user goes back to the filter.

Going from here is where the issues arise.

The User then goes back to the Filter widget and select a different set of filters...  The Info Summary widget does not 'update', it keeps the layer in the Layer List (TOC) from the prior cluster / prior filter.

is there something I am missing?  or is there a bug?


Further, but not as important is when any combination of filters is applied, and then the info summary widget is enabled, the layer changes to visible = false in the layer list (TOC).  When the Info summary is disabled or closed, it says unchecked...