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Buffer on one side of feature only possible?

Question asked by mravichandran on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by mravichandran

dear Readers,


i had followed the examples to call geometry services buffer function and to add the resulting graphic to the map. and it worked fine/


Our ArcMap users are used to having an ArcObjects function that specifically lets the users choose as to which side of the feature the buffer area needs to be drawn.  for example, for a line feature, the user will have the option to choose whether the buffer should be on:

1. left side of the line,

2. right side of the line, or

3. both sides of the line (default).


Similarly, a polygon buffer would let the users choose between 1. include polygon area while computing the buffer or 2. exclude.



Are there  sample code or any suggestions in this regard?  Any help would be appreciated/