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10.5 - Feature Class To Feature Class Field Mapping, Double Scale and Precision

Question asked by Sporty on Apr 13, 2017
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I have run into an issue with setting the scale and precision on a double field and it holding.

I had built several models in 9.3 that would take a layer form a personal database and export to a shapefile, with specific field names and field sizes. Specifically several double fields that were set to 3 and 2 on scale and precision. In 9.3 they worked perfectly. Now in 10.5 when I set the same values for the double fields as I had in 9.3, the numbers returned are the same as they were in the personal database. Has anyone else had this issue? Any resolutions? For now I am running things through 9.3, but would like to resolve to hand off to other users using 10.5.