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Using Field Calculator to Cast Long and Short Data to Strings

Question asked by adrienmroth on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by adrienmroth

I'm trying to use Field Calculator to concatenate a long string of information including several of the fields in the same table.  The fields are in text, long and short data format.  I've tried and tried to cast the long and short data to strings to calculate this and I keep getting an error about Line 1 not being in the proper format.  I've double-checked that all data that should be casted to a string is - if it's not below it's because it's already in a text data format.  Does anyone see anything I'm not seeing?  The script is below.


"2017 PUC XFRM I&M - CIRCUIT: "+ !CIRCUIT_NO!+", SITE #: "+ !SITENO!.str()+", XFRM TYPE: "+ !XFRM_TYPE!+", KVA: "+ !KVA!.str()+", PHASE: "+ !PHASE!+", HIGH VOLT "+ !HIGHVOLT!+", LOW VOLT "+ !LOWVOLT!+", CONNECTION "+ !Connection!.str()+".  LOCATION INFO: "+ !REV_Street!+","+ !REV_City!+", "+ !REV_State!+".   GEO CODE: "+ !WAMGeocode!+".  |FIELD INSPECTION SUMMARY: "+ !DefectNotes!+ !OperNotes!+ !SubNotes!+" | ISSUES: PUBLIC SAFETY "+ !PublicIssue!.str()+" | EMPLOYEE SAFETY "+ !EmployeeIssue!.str()+" | OIL LEAK "+ !OilIssue!.str()+" | OPERATIONAL "+ !OperationalIssue!.str()+" | DEGRADED EQUIPMENT "+ !DegradedIssue!.str()+"  Contact Asset Management for additional details."