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Features not showing in attribute table in mapview or data view in AGOL.

Question asked by ethanduke1 on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by mgambordella1

One of my hosted feature layers is not showing features in the attribute table. It resides in feature service with a simple geodatabase with domains and subtypes. Of the two layers within the hosted layer, only one has this issue. Collected features appear visually in map view. The feature count is correct when showing the attribute table. Clicking show all does nothing, but selecting a feature (only one) and then using "show selected" will show that feature. All features and attributes can be pulled into ArcMap through hosted services just fine and edits can be synched back. I have many published feature services and maps for various projects and have yet to see this issue. Has anybody seen this? Is there a good fix. I don't want to republish and overwrite, as I want to preserve editor tracking.