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Manually updating a versioned SDE Geodatabase?

Question asked by cdohertysouthribble on Apr 7, 2017
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I'm hoping you can help. We have a versioned SDE Geodatabase in Oracle which stores information on Trees.


Currently when collecting / editing records the users choose a Common Name for the tree, we are looking to automatically update the Latin Name depending on what is selected in the Common Name field.


I was thinking of using a trigger but as the table is versioned I believe this isn't recommended. We do have FME which we could use to update the values but again as manually using SQL / Triggers isn't recommended I want to ensure we are going through the correct processes.


I don't mind if the values are say scheduled to update nightly rather than using a trigger but if anyone could recommend the best way to go forward with this that would be great?


FME would work for us but I'm not sure if FME will deal with the versioning correctly.