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Hyperlinks in Popup Template JS API 4.3

Question asked by nsommers on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by nsommers

In the 4.3 version of the JS API, I can't format the hyperlinks within a popup to open. They open if you right click > open in new tab, but not just left clicking on the text itself. Below is the code I'm using for the template.


var annexationTemplate = {
    title: "{ANNEX}",
    content: "<strong>Ordinance:</strong> {ORD}" +
       "<br /><strong>Effective Date:</strong> {DATE:DateFormat(selector: 'date', fullYear: true)}" +
       "<br /><strong>Annexation Map: </strong><a target='_blank' href={URL_MAP}>Annexation Map</a>" +
       "<br /><strong>Legal Description: </strong><a href={URL_DESC}>Legal Description</a>"


Anyone else come across this issue? It's new to me in 4.X. My previous apps build in 3.X have worked fine.