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Open more than one widget at a time WAB 2.2 Foldable Theme Custom

Question asked by on Apr 5, 2017
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Is there any way, for version 2.2 of the web appbuilder, to keep more than one widget open at the same time? I need at least the layers widget and the caption widget to open at the same time. Being the layer in the left and the legend in the right.


I created a theme based on the foldable theme, and my application will not be used on mobile devices. This is even a requirement of the client, but I can not figure out where to change.


What I did was check the file "application folder \ themes \ MyCustomTheme \ widgets \ HeaderController \ widget.js", specifically the lines where there are commands like "closepanel", "closewidget", etc, but it still fails.


Thanks for any help.