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problems with pulldata()

Question asked by leonhard.stoeckle_AED_SICAD on Apr 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by leonhard.stoeckle_AED_SICAD

Hey there,
I am new to Survey123 and was going through the tutorials which are in the Survey123 connect app.

The tutorial XLSForm: Enabling CSV Data into your Survey did not work as intended. I coul not get the data from the second csv-file to show up in my survey.

After some research I also found the blog about the pulldata-function but I could not get it right with the information from there either. The downloadable fish-example worked just fine.
Below I attached my files with which I tried to get the tutorial right.
It would be great if anyone could tell me where i went wrong and how to fix my problem.


Thanks in advance

Leo Stoeckle