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OAuth2 Apps - Sharing Settings - Not working

Question asked by ihabelattar on Apr 3, 2017

I logged in to developers site and created an application to use for OAuth 2.0 authentication. I am facing a strange behaviour. I clicked on the settings tab and scrolled down to the sharing settings to change my app to be private.

  1. This does not seems to take effect. There is no way to click update and save the setting. if i leave the page and return back later to the application settings, it seems that my changes to the radio button are not saved or persisted. Is this a bug ? (Please see attached screen for the sharing settings)
  2. I attempted to share the app with a specific group on ArcGIS Online thinking that only members invited to this group will be able to authenticate with ArcGIS Online using this app but this also does not seem to be the case. Apparently Any ArcGIS Online user is able to access the platform using the app id and secret. What am i missing here exactly ?