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10.4.1 vs 10.5

Question asked by dtenney on Apr 3, 2017
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  looking for some real world input from those who have used 10.4.1 for server and have recently upgraded to 10.5


we have been trying to vet 10.4.1 in our staging environment to be used in our production environment and at this point in time we cannot vet 10.4.1. i dont want to get into details here on that, we are providing a lengthy response to this directly to ESRI.


what i would like to know is how people feel about 10.5 so far? were you experiencing issues with 10.4.1 that seem to be resolved with 10.5? i would assume we are fairly close to a 10.5.1 release (around the time of the UC). again, just looking for some real world users and your input.