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4.x api Search, how to link to html element

Question asked by NT_Concepts on Mar 30, 2017

I am trying to link 4.x (actually 4.3 api) Search widget to my own custom html element on a panel floating on 3D scene.

I cannot find away to do so.  It was possible in 4.0 beta3 when there was a html element placeholder in the new Search(.., "searchByPlace").  Is it even possible to do so in 4.3?

I do not want to use the default.ui placement as in below sample.

var searchWidget = new Search({   view: view });// Adds the search widget below other elements in// the top left corner of the viewview.ui.add(searchWidget, {   position: "top-left",   index: 2});

I just want a custom jquery textbox and/or dropdown selector so as user types a place name the dropdown auto populates with ESRI search result candidates (just like the default.ui widget) but on a seperate custom html panel of mine.  How do I do this?