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Changing theme in ESRI tutorial

Question asked by MichelleJean on Mar 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by MichelleJean

Hi everybody,

Two questions regarding a ESRI tutorial.


1) The tutorial uses a Wetland theme for it's dojox charts.

var theme = "Wetland"; 

This is Wetland.js (from dojox website):

define(["../SimpleTheme", "./common"], function(SimpleTheme, themes){
themes.Wetland = new SimpleTheme({
colors: [
return themes.Wetland;

I would like to replace Wetland.js with my own customTheme.js. But I cannot manage to reference the external file customTheme.js 

Any support with a sample code (compatible with the tutorial code) would be very helpful.


2) The links in Wetland.js reference local stored files:

define(["../SimpleTheme", "./common"]

Do I need to replace these with http://  links in order to create a customTheme.js file?


Thank you,