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How to create a new variable in GIS

Question asked by mykotti on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by rastrauch

Hello everybody,

I wanted to create a new variable out of existing ones, the same idea as creating dummy variable. I have my data in shapefile as follows:

metro_cities_names, metro_pop,  typology_type. I wanted to recreate new variables from them as follows:

from Metro_pop i want to create a variable called metro_size less than 500, 500-1000000, 1000000-2000000 etc

From typology_type  I want to create a variable called typogy_type which will have four level: 1 = Black in low poverty, 2= Black in high poverty, 3= Latinos in low poverty, 4= Latinos in high poverty.

From metro-cities_names i want to create a variable called Regional_type where I will be able to categorize these 100 metro cities into  regions e.g Northeast, Midwest, south and west.

I know how to do them in SPSS but I hate it, plus It would be easy for me to run my OLS in Arcmap than SPSS.

Thanks a lot for your input