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Configuring Group Templates with Feature Builders

Question asked by AHargreaves-esristaff Employee on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by lyoung-esristaff


I am attempting to create a new Group Template within ArcGIS Pro. My hope is to recreate the existing templates that come along with the Water Utility Network Editing solution. Specifically this solution contains an ArcGIS Desktop MXD that contains a series of pre-configured group templates that, with a single click, allow a user to: 

  • create a water meter (point)
  • create an associated lateral (line)
  • split that lateral with a curb stop valve (point)
  • connect to the nearest water main

Using the below Group Template with Builders in ArcGIS Pro I am close to what i want, however:

  • This requires the user to draw a line, connecting the end to the water main. I need the lateral to be auto-created simply from dropping a point.
  • The curb stop gets placed correctly, however it fails to split the single lateral line into two - how is that achieved?

Any help, guidance, advice or encouragement is gratefully received.


Close...but no cigar