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How do I add a point feature related to another point feature?

Question asked by rliveanu_vdw on Mar 20, 2017

The way my data model is set up, I have two feature classes- an Inventory shapefile (of trees), and an Interventions shapefile (each tree may have one or more interventions: inspection, planting, pruning, fertilization, etc.).


These two feature classes are related through a relationship class.


What I want to achieve would be to: select a point (tree) on the map (Inventory), and create a new related Intervention point.


For example: I receive a call from a resident requesting an inspection on a particular tree. The tree in question is #1234 at 567John Street. I want to click on Tree #1234, and (through the popup would be best), quickly add a new Inspection in the related Interventions table. And, following the inspection, maybe I want to add another intervention, say a pruning or a takedown.


Is there a quick way to follow this workflow??