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Getting Timeout Message in the Console

Question asked by lloydbronn on Mar 15, 2017

I have a GP tool that creates a PDF report from a map click. I'm testing running multiple reports simultaneously from different browsers. If I run two reports, one will return a PDF to the popup, and the other displays the PDF for a brief instant and then displays "Unable to generate report." If I click on the GP tool again, the report will popup, because I have set the script to check to see if a report has already been generated for that location. In the console log, I see "Timeout Exceeded." This happens after about a minute, even thought the report has obviously been generated. Do I need to set a higher timeout limit?  


Here is my code snippet. The clearInteval function is for animated dots while the report is being generated, not related to the timeout.  

function gpreportResultAvailable(results, messages){
                     domAttr.set(dom.byId("reportLink"),"innerHTML", "Forecast Report");
                     var contentResult;
                     results = true;
                           contentResult ='<a target="_blank" href="' + reportPath + '"><IMG SRC="' + pdfIcon + '"width=25% height=25%/></a>';
                           contentResult = "Unable To Generate Report";
            + " Forecast Analysis Report");