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import an App with Launchpad theme to web appbuilder for developers 2.3 not working.

Question asked by SPNI on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by mreeves.spokanecounty


I made an App using the WAB online (from the share button in the webmap).

The theme I chose is Launchpad theme.

When I try to import the App to my WAB for developers on my server (version 2.3)

I get this error in the log file:

 [ERROR] app - fail to import app. { message: 'Fail to import. The theme used by the app is in a newer version. Name:[פרויקט אחריות תאגידית - ממשק לעסקים וחברות]' }


When I go into the WAB for developers to create a new app, I see that the theme Launchpad is there. Is it an older version of the theme?

Is there a way for me to bring the app I made to my server without changing the theme?