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Click over Circle problem

Question asked by ismael.silveira on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by ismael.silveira

Hi, i have a Map with two layers (one to show filters and one to show results).


And there is a strange behavior, after I realize a search, and the results loads (like attachment 1), when I click over the blue Circles the popup is shown. But in some Circles is not working, nothing happens. But not always the same points, sometime it doesn't works in some points and sometime in others.

I removed the big circle filter and nothing changes.


All the points are created and added in the same time and in the same way, like this:

new Graphic({
geometry: new Point({
x: xCoord,
y: yCoord,
spatialReference: this._mapView.spatialReference
symbol: new SimpleMarkerSymbol({
color: new Color(someColor,
style: "circle",
size: someSize
popupTemplate: new PopupTemplate({
title: someTittle,
content: someContent
visible: true



Can anyone help me?