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Network Analyst: strange build errors with 3d lines "below surface"

Question asked by valraa on Mar 10, 2017
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I am trying to build my network on my newtork dataset, but I am having issues which I cannot understand.

I have already read this help page from ESRI (Common build errors), but none of the points listed there seems to fit my situation.

Basically, I am creating a network on 3d data (two polyline fefature classes, floorlines and floor transitions). The floorline FC contains lines with the same Z, which represent a specific floor. Each floor has its own lines with a Z associated (there are 5 floors in total). To give a precise idea, below is an image of my dataset (together with the floortransitions, in grey).

I checked that all geometries are ok running the "Check Geometry" tool. Moreover, to avoid any possible problem related to the proximity of the lines in the "XY" plane, I moved each floor so that the lines do not overlay in the XY coordinates for different floors (maybe this wasn't needed, but from I can see each floor at the same time from both ArcMap and Pro in 2d).

Another picture is given in order to give an idea on this as well (zoom is shown, scale is 1:50).

So, here comes my issue...

Whenever I try to build the network, I receive a warning saying that some errors have occurred. If I see which feature was creating this issue, all refer to the very first floor (see build errors lnes highlighted in purple). My idea is that, as the first floor is below the surface (according to the WorldElevation3D/Terrain3D surface provided by ESRI), the tool cannot create the network properly.

Moreover, I don't if it can be a matter of vertical coordinate system (I am using the WGS 1984 Geoid, WKID 105700).

I will try to move the very first floor (green lines) so it will be above the surface and will come back to this. Meanwhile, if anybody has had a similar problem or has some suggestions, I would be happy to hear it! Thanks in advance.