Is there a way to create a vehicle route with more than 2000 stops?

03-03-2017 01:00 PM
New Contributor

I am creating a vehicle route with 3,163 stops for a meter upgrade, with each meter being a stop.  I know that the VRP tool can only handle up to 2000 stops and no more than 200 stops per vehicle.  Is there a tool to create a single route with the amount of stops I would need (3,163)? Or is there any type of work around to where I can connect multiple routes to reach all 3,163 stops? The only idea I can come up with is first breaking the meters into two groups, one with 2000 meters and the other with the remaining 1,163 meters, and then creating a route name field for each of those groups with 200 stops for each route name, but this doesn't seem like the most time efficient way to accomplish my task.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. networkanalyst #vrp

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