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ArcMap 10.4.1: How to Perform Hot Spot Analysis Across Area Comprised of Polygons?

Question asked by MooseVehicle on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by MooseVehicle

I am trying to perform a hot spot analysis regarding moose vehicle collisions (MVCs) localized across Alberta, Canada. The province is made up roughly 100 geopolitical zones called Wildlife Management Units (WMUs). I want to design the hot spot analysis so that it colour codes each WMU relative to the others in terms of z-scores. This was done in a previous analysis that I'll include in the word document below.


My job now is to update this previous work with more contemporary data, however, I don't have access to how this original hot spot map was generated. From what I am able to gather, I have to first use the "construct polygons" tool to build these WMUs around the map and then somehow instruct the "Hot Spot Analysis (Getis-Ord Gi*)" tool to recognize these polygons and interpret my data points into coloured spaces based on z-scores.


My questions are:


1. Will the hot spot analysis tool recognize polygons designed this way as discrete areas from which to interpret z-scores or do I have to find another way of demarcating the map?


2. My data points are in longitude and latitude and so the hot spot analysis tool asks me whether I wish to use longitude or latitude in the input field category of the box that pops up. Obviously this is incorrect, so what format do I need to have my data in before I can plug it through the hot spot analysis tool?


3. What setting adjustments will I need to make within the pop-up box associated with the hot spot tool in order for my data to appear in the format of the older analysis attached?


Thank you in advance!