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Specific Windows 10 permissions to run .py script when user not logged in

Question asked by jhead@lakeworth on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by jhead@lakeworth

I have a script (.py) to perform SDE Maintenance that I want to run after work hours (say 2am). I can execute the script fine manually and it works. 


I set a task schedule job to run this script when my user account is not logged on (because it will be 2am, who the heck wants to be at work at 2am). It is important to run this script after hours because it will disconnect all users from the SDE. 


Windows Task Scheduler History says the task has ran successfully but the script is not ran and the SDE Maintenance is not performed. I had IT temporarily give me Admin rights and then everything worked as it should.


However our Network Admin will not grant me Admin rights permanently.... and he is having difficulty finding the exact permissions to grant me in order for this to run successfully. 


Does anyone know what group policy/user privileges will have this work without granting my user full Admin rights?


Or are there any workarounds for this? 


Thanks for any help,