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Bug with editable fields in AttributeInspector in 3.19 api

Question asked by jeff.pace Champion on Feb 21, 2017

I am using the attribute inspector with the 3.19 api.  


1. When i set a field to isEditable : false it works fine.

2. If i set an EDITABLE field to a customfield with

var customFormat1 = new NumberTextBox({
constraints: {pattern: "0.00"}


var layerInfos = [
'featureLayer': teamsFL,
'showAttachments': false,
'isEditable': true,
'fieldInfos': [
{'fieldName': 'University', 'isEditable': false, 'label': 'School:'},
{'fieldName': 'WINPER', 'isEditable': true, 'tooltip': 'Win percentage', 'label': 'Win percentage:', 'customField': customFormat1},
{'fieldName': 'Rd_64_Venue', 'isEditable': false, 'label': 'Rd 1 Venue:'},
{'fieldName': 'Rd_64_Result', 'isEditable': true, 'tooltip': 'First round result (W/L)', 'label': 'Rd 1 Result:'},
{'fieldName': 'Rd_64_Margin', 'isEditable': false, 'tooltip': 'First round margin of victory/loss', 'label': 'Rd 1 Margin:'}


The WINPER field correctly formats as 0.00


3. However, if i set the WINPER field to isEditable:false, AND add the customField formating, the field remains editable and there is no way to disable editing.


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Kelly Hutchins