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City Engine: DEM as Terrain + Aerial Imagery as Texture

Question asked by SimonRA on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by TFuchs-esristaff

Hello, I have downloaded a DEM and set of geo referenced aerial imagery in order to model of a portion of Christchurch City, NZ using City Engine 2016

1. DEM: See Screen shot for the contents within the extracted DEM folder

Process: I have copied this folder and all of its contents into the data folder in my CE navigator. Then I dragged and dropped the PI.tif file into my scene. This created a height map. The values being min -2, max +18. 

Question: I can't see any variation in the terrain? Is it too subtle to notice or have I not imported correctly?


2. Aerial Imagery: The aerial imagery data I have downloaded looks as follows.

Question: Can I simply stitch the .jpg files together in Photoshop and ignore the other files. Then bring in this JPEG file into CE by itself to be used as my texture map to link with the DEM above. The extents of the areas downloaded for DEM and Aerial imagery are the same. 


Anyone in Sydney able to share some city engine knowledge with me? ESRI essential skills tutorials on data + import are helpful but I need better overview of the file types associated with a DEM and other GIS data and how to import and use this data in CE.