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Multiple Users on 1 Arcgis Pro project

Question asked by thowze on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by DCRW_erica.tefft

Currently, in our ArcMap workflow, my staff will sometimes have a need to work on getting multiple maps edited for the same report simultaneously.  This usually isn't a problem, aside from users having the same mxd open at once.  This will send off an "Unable to save" document, but give the user a chance to save a copy for any edits they have made, then with a few shouts we can figure out how to resolve.  This works fairly well because of the single mxd workflow.  We have multiple maps for reports, and I can have my staff tackle as a group.  


Now with Pro, all the maps/layouts will be bundled together in one .aprx.  We have just tested having multiple users open the same aprx, make changes, save changes.  There is no notification that any other user is accessing the document, nor has saved the document.   It appears, the first user to open and save, has control of the document.  Other users can make changes, save (no error), but the saves will not be stored.  I foresee this is a HUGE problem.  Am I missing something or has ESRI tackled this issue with a very limited scope (only work on your hard drive)?   If I can't get a notification that another user has the same aprx opened, or if not all user's changes can be saved this will be a non-starter for us to move away from ArcMap.  How are we to address this? Is this a bug??  An enhancement request (which is just silly to me)?