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Multiple Input field Web App

Question asked by Kyle91 on Feb 9, 2017

Good day,


I am trying to adapt one of my WebApp's created in the Web App builder (not developers edition) to allow multiple options to be selected. In summary, it is a project location map, with pins indicating where we have worked. Each pin has a number of attributes relating to the project and these all perform fine. The one aspect I am struggling with is 'Practices'. Our company has many practices, such as environmental, geotech, oil & gas, transportation etc etc. Each project could potentially have many practices the relate to it.


Using domains and a field, only allows a single value to be selected, which is not sufficient. I don't want to create multiple fields, as this become an effort to complete. Ideally, I need the user to be presented with radio buttons or something along those lines to be able to select multiple practices.


I do have a keywords field that could support free text that could be comma separated, but there is no validation this way. It might work if the user started typing and was presented with appropriate values to select from, but I don't think that is possible.


Any suggestions would be very welcome. Trying to avoid development...